What’s new on Humongous.io — Jan 2020

It’s been a while since the last time we published a “what’s new” post but hey it’s 2020 and we’re back for good.

We’ve been quite busy releasing new features and improving existing ones, so the next few posts will essentially be about features that have been in the wild for quite some time now. If you’re not yet on Humongous.io, you can subscribe now here.

Raw Query Builder

Raw Query Builder lets you write MongoDB aggregation pipeline queries directly to create your charts.

Clone charts

It is now possible to clone your existing charts. It’s super simple. Open the chart’s contextual menu and click on Clone and voilà!

Search using date presets

You can now use date presets like $date_yesterday or $date_3_weeks_ago to filter down your collections.

Custom roles

In case you need finer control over your collaborators roles, you can now create and assign custom roles.

Quick Filter Toolbar

Toolbar widgets are a new category of widgets. They add new features to your collections’ toolbar.

The first one we’ve released in the Quick filter toolbar. It gives you a way to have a list of predefined labeled queries in your collections.

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