What’s new in HumongouS.io — Feb 2020

Search bar auto-completion

Not remembering the names of your collections fields when you’re about to write a query can be very frustrating, that’s why we’ve added a new auto-completion feature in the Search bar.

It’s only phase 1 for this feature. We’ll iterate on it as we get more feedback and expand it to other places in the app that allow you to enter MongoDB queries (i.e Charts, Collection filters).

Duplicate Data

We recently added a new Table option to duplicate data in your collections. In order to user, first select the document you would like to duplicate, click on More to open the Table options dropdown and click on duplicate.

Fixed Table Header

Being able to scroll and keep the table header fixed has been a paint point for many users for a long time. This issue has now been fixed (no pun intended :) ) in the latest release.

Copy JSON data

Last but not least, we’ve added a convenient button to directly copy long JSON data from the JSON view.

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