What’s new in HumongouS.io ? August 1st 2017

Features and Improvements

Better joins on your mongodb collections

The biggest new feature by far this month is the improvement of joins on the reference widget. One-to-one, many-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many relationships are now supported out of the box.

Consider the following collections :

By default, the author collection will only show the author full name and email address. The books collection will show the books title and the authorid.

Author collection
Books collection

What if instead of showing the books authorID in the books collection, we wanted to show the author full name ? That’s where the reference widget comes into play.

  • Go to the books collection configuration;
  • Select the the authorid field and pick the reference widget in the widget store.
  • Pick author in the reference collection;
  • Pick _id in the lookup field;
  • Pick fullname in the display field;

The end result should look like the image below. Save and Voilà!

Here’s the result. As you can see, all ids have been replaced by author names.

Showing authors and their books in the author collection is similarly easy.

  • Go to the configuration of the author collection;
  • Create a new field called books, and select the reference widget in the store.
  • Type _id in the name field;
  • Select books in the reference collection;
  • Select authorid in the lookup field;
  • Select Title in the display field;

That’s it! No more copying and pasting ids. We believe it’s a huge improvement and hope it’ll simplify your workflow.

Notification center

We’ve finally shipped the notification center a few weeks ago, gathered feedback and iterated over it. It mostly handles invites and exports so far.

New tag widgets

If you have fields that are arrays of tags or categories, you’ll certainly enjoy the newest and greatest tag widget. It will help you better display your tags/categories and dynamically filter down your collection.

tag widget

And of course a lot of bug fixes and other improvements have been made over the past few weeks.

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